Jonny Lives! @ VALE EARTH FAIR 2014 – VALE CASTLE – 24/08/14 Castle Stage Ended On A High

I was back on more familiar ground with the Stage Against The Machine headliners, New York rockers, Jonny Lives! Back again after an earlier set on the main stage last year they seemed to be on much better form this time round and they attracted one of the bigger crowds I remember seeing at this time on the outside stage of the festival.

Jonny Lives!

Jonny Lives!

Frontman Jonny Dubowsky was a fabulous happy and engaging frontman tonight and drummer George Le Page really stood out as he stepped in for their usual drummer who is currently working with his own band back in the US.

Closing the 2014 Vale Earth Fair on a positive, rocking, note Jonny Lives! set did some up something of the mood of the day for me as it was positive and celebratory which is something the Vale Earth Fair always seems to be aiming for.

Eco-Lectric Tour w/ Scotty Batson, Mikki James, Jonny Dubowsky + Special Guests- September 4, 2015 in 12+ Cities

Eco-Lectric Tour 2.0 Artists and Bring Sustainability Message To CMJ Music Marathon Eco-friendly Musicians Combine Music With Activism September 17, 2015; Los Angeles, CA – Eco-Lectric Tour artis ts Jonny Dubowsky, Mikki James, and Scotty Batson of Jonny Lives!, will once again bring their music and message of sustainability to Kenny’s Castaways in New York as part of CMJ’s annual Music Marathon and’s International Day of Climate Action which includes several events this Fall. Dubowsky, front man for New York’s own Jonny Lives! and founder of Rock ‘n Renew, a non-profit organization that helps musicians, students, and communities live and act in sustainable ways, is excited about combining his two passions, performing and educating audiences about climate change, before CMJ and audiences. “Rock ‘n Renew’s mission is to educate communities about the damage that we are doing to our environment and recommend small changes to improve our world,” said Dubowsky. “Our return to CMJ kicks off a series of collaborations that began while Scotty Batson and I were doing an acoustic tour of East Coast colleges and Universities. As we prepare for this second Eco-Lectric Tour in the Fall of 2015.” In 2012, Dubowsky moderated a CMJ panel on “The Greening of the Music Industry” on Thursday, October 22nd, 11 am to 12:15 pm at NYU’s Kimmel Center. The panel included representatives from Reverb, a non- profit organization founded by Guster guitarist/vocalist Adam Gardner that educates and engages musicians and their fans to take action toward a more sustainable future and noted author/activist for climate change, Bill McKibben, co-founder of, an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis and chief coordinator for the International Day of Climate Action. Stephen from Green Owl Records was also on the panel, and he discussed his partnership w/ Bromfman to launch a totally sustainable record label with that orientation thread througout. The October 22nd CMJ panel at NYU provided a packed room of attendants with the most up to date information existing on our current climate crisis and industry efforts to combat global warming and our expert panelists offered suggestions of simple and cost effective actions that can be taken by individuals and businesses to reduce their negative impact on our environment. How artists play a role in this is the topic of the day!


scotty singing and rthm




















Scotty Batson rehearsing with Jonny for a round of acoustic/electric Rock ‘n Renew lecture/community garden/concert events scheduled for later this month, throughout early Fall.


Jonny Lives! on NBC, CBS, and Fox News for Earth Day Special

Jonny Lives! singer and Rock ‘n Renew Founder Jonny Dubowsky performed on Good Morning America, Today, and Good Day Live as part of the kick-off for Earth Week at Drury University. Here’s a clip from his appearance on The Morning Rush.

Check out the video for an acoustic version of Jonny Lives! song “If You Wanna Stay” and hear Jonny talk about some of the action from the Drury Earth Week! Then go buy a copy of the song on iTunes and listen while you plant a garden would ya!

U.K Tour Dates

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In the meantime, we wanted to make sure you had all the upcoming U.k tour dates, so we’ll host the touring widget here for a day or two until it’s fixed:



Jonny Lives! UK Tour 2012













It’s official…Jonny Lives! is returning to our old stomping grounds to play a week of shows in the U.K.

Stay tuned for all the dates. Drop us a line to reconnect. info at jonnylives dot com


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