Jonny Lives! @ VALE EARTH FAIR 2014 – VALE CASTLE – 24/08/14 Castle Stage Ended On A High

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I was back on more familiar ground with the Stage Against The Machine headliners, New York rockers, Jonny Lives! Back again after an earlier set on the main stage last year they seemed to be on much better form this time round and they attracted one of the bigger crowds I remember seeing at this time on the outside stage of the festival.

Jonny Lives!

Jonny Lives!

Frontman Jonny Dubowsky was a fabulous happy and engaging frontman tonight and drummer George Le Page really stood out as he stepped in for their usual drummer who is currently working with his own band back in the US.

Closing the 2014 Vale Earth Fair on a positive, rocking, note Jonny Lives! set did some up something of the mood of the day for me as it was positive and celebratory which is something the Vale Earth Fair always seems to be aiming for.

02/22/12 – Camden Town, London – The Dublin Castle

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012
7:30pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
Parkway, Camden Town, NW1 7AN London, United Kingdom
Camden Town, London, U.K Nw17an
Other Info
Come our for this special preview show which is an early one for press and industry. We're on at 7:30 sharp, so come after work!

Jonny Lives! UK Tour 2012

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It’s official…Jonny Lives! is returning to our old stomping grounds to play a week of shows in the U.K.

Stay tuned for all the dates. Drop us a line to reconnect. info at jonnylives dot com


Announcing The Rock ‘n Renew Music Group

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Jonny Lives! has been busy! With the release of the new album “Revolution For Free” we are excited to be back on the road this Winter, and look forward to touring the U.K and U.s in early 2012. We are also really excited to announce our signing with the newly formed Rock ‘n Renew Records, part of The Rock ‘n Renew Music Group.

“Connecting fans and musicians to a plan of action to heal the planet”

The Rock ‘n Renew Music Group is Rock ‘n Renew Records, Rock ‘n Renew Publishing (ASCAP), and Rock ‘n Renew Productions. The RnR Music Group aims to bolster the roster of artists in the Foundation’s artist network to further advance the mission of the Rock ‘n Renew Foundation with ever greater exposure. Rock ‘n Renew Records works to bring music fans the very best new music and some incredible rarities from a growing number of historic catalogues. Our partnerships with King Ferris/Bohemia Entertainment, Broken Halo Records and Long Lives Crime Records aim to broaden our audience and give the R’nR Music Group a diverse array of artists and genres to present. Rock ‘n Renew Productions works hand in hand with the Rock ‘n Renew Foundation’s non-profit activities by coordinating events and talent resources. In addition to our devotion to getting great music to fans while adhering to the principles of the Rock ‘n Renew Foundation, the R’nR Music Group was founded by Susan Ferris, Jonny Dubowsky, and Danny Madorsky to help many up and coming local and national bands with touring, publishing, film/TV music placement(headed up by Director;Brian Boland), corporate sponsorship, and other new-music industry opportunities.

Spin Magazine’s Artist Of The Day- Jonny Lives! own Jonny Dubowsky interviews in Philly

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Jonny Dubowsky of Jonny Lives! w/ Tommy Usa, Jon Weber

Who?Jonny Dubowsky is a downtown NYC garage rocker with a sensitive side. Playing gigs at CBGB and the Bitter End since the age of 13, he’s clearly a man with music in his blood — blood he’s willing to spill onstage every night with his latest band, Jonny Lives! Along with guitarist Christian Langdon, bassist Tommy USA, and drummer Jon Weber, Dubowsky breathes new life into a genre tired of the stale, cliched rock put out by those desperate to be hailed as the next incarnation of Iggy.

What’s The Deal? Combining raunchy guitars with catchy pop hooks, the band’s debut album, Get Steady, plays like a soundtrack for the city. It’s full of high-tension, electric exhilaration; all-night party songs offset with the occasional moment of acoustic tranquility. Dubowsky’s strength as a songwriter lies in his ability to translate moments and feelings into melodies and lyrics. The title track is as room-spinningly rocking as Dubowksy must have been the night he scrawled the song’s lyrics under a table in the East Village bar Niagara.

Fun Fact:Dubowsky wrote most of the tracks on Get Steady in his sleep. Since he was a kid growing up in New Jersey, Dubowsky has heard songs in his dreams, but could never recall the tunes when he woke up. He solved the problem by purchasing a small micro-cassette recorder for his bedside. With the recorder in voice activation mode overnight, Dubowsky was able to capture his subconscious songwriting in the vocal equivalent of sleepwalking, many times waking up the next morning completely unaware of the fact that he’d recorded anything at all. ANTHONY D’AMATO

Jonny Dubowsky with Rock n Renew: A Plan of Action for the Planet, That Rocks

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Thursday, April 21, 2011
8 p.m.
North Hall Auditorium

University of Wisconsin: River Falls

Jonny Dubowsky

Al Gore meets Iggy Pop! Jonny Dubowsky has rocketed from a next-big-thing rock star, to an exciting and formidable environmentalist. Based on his groundbreaking work and travels, he will give you practical ways to reduce your carbon footprint, speak about the latest on renewable energy, discuss ecological restoration, and will preview green jobs and the new green economy. An energetic, charismatic speaker, Dubowsky will challenge you to rethink how your actions will define your generation and your world.

The New Album Is Coming!

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Here’s a sneak peak at the rough stages of the album artwork. This is the front cover which is composed of two photographs that I shot. What do you think so far?

Jonny Lives! on Access Hollywood

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Jonny Lives! on Late Night With Conan O’Brien

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“Get Steady”

Jonny Lives! performing “Get Steady” on Late Night With Conan O’Brien